St Mary's Church in Wallington, North Hertfordshire.

Not far from my hometown of Royston lies Baldock, a town in North Hertfordshire that I have long admired, situated some 33 miles fromLondonand close to the River Beane. It is a town steeped in Roman history as well as the history of the Knights Templars. Two Saturdays apart, the first towards the end of October, the day after my birthday and the latter early in November, I took the train from Royston down to Baldock, the aim being to  return to Royston on foot across the north Hertfordshire countryside, following segments of the Icknield Way.  The path fromWallington Roadreached thechurchofSt Maryand the kind, elderly lady who had been arranging the flowers introduced herself as Mary Corkhill, who lived at the thatched cottage I had so long admired on The Street.  At the junction ofWallington Roadand The Street, on the opposite corner to the thatched cottage where Mrs Corkhill now lives, George Orwell took over tenancy of the cottage turned into a village shop, known as ‘The Stores’, on 2nd April, 1936.  Read more.