Along a path leading away from Killem's Green, near Chrishill Common, close to the point where it joins Harcamlow Way.

Sunday 6th February. With the icy, cold conditions of a British winter now gradually receding into the background, the weather proved unusually warm and my first walk of 2011 beckoned invitingly. Undeterred by the somewhat blustery circumstances, the walk provided me with a timely opportunity to prepare myself for the hiking club’s walk in Glastonbury the following weekend. Driving east from Royston through Barley, I arrived in the village of Great Chishill, after passing the large windmill just outside the town. Just south of the village, the Holy Trinity Church, which stands on an ancient site that is believed to have once formed the heart of the medieval parish, is strikingly visible from the surrounding countryside. Just as I had entered the grounds and began photographing the stone church, a car pulled up, it’s occupant turning out to be a rather kind gentleman, who, upon opening the church doors to offload items for a music concert being held that evening, kindly invited me in to have a look around.

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