Nidderdale Way, North Yorkshire.

Leaving the Nidderdale Way path, with Scar House Reservoir clearly visible.

The following morning, miraculously, we were greeted with clear, blue skies as we set off for the day’s walking. Absconding from my traditional role in helping to prepare breakfast, I sneaked off to the lounge to watch the 7 a.m. broadcast of the South Africa versus Fiji rugby World Cup match. The countryside around Studley Park being somewhat flat by our hiking standards, given too our proximity to the Yorkshire Dales, true hiker’s territory, we headed off by car to the town of Lofthouse on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, after driving the length of Gouthwaite Reservoir. From here we set off on our walk for the day. The Nidderdale Way is 53 miles long and runs along the entire length of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales, from Ripley (not far from Harrogate) to Scar House Reservoir at the head of the dale and back along the opposite bank of the River Nidd to Ripley. We were thus attempting the top section to Scar House Reservoir, though, in truth, the return crosses over into the valley down which How Stean Beck courses its way until it meets the River Nidd.

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