Pancha Ratha monolithic rock-cut architecture, Mahabalipuram.

Back in Blighty, to its cold winter weather and grey skies, after 5 weeks in Chennai on company business. I never thought I would hear myself say this. I have begun to miss the place! Yes, as insanely chaotic as India may be, I miss the people I worked with, the generous warmth and hospitality gifted me and the vibrancy of its cluttered cities and villages, the Hindu temples, the rice paddie fields, the palm trees,

Vending fruit in Mahabalipuram.

the cows slumped in the road or by the roadside, the auto-rickshaws, the crazy, random driving and mad hooting of the horns, the up-to-four people on a motorbike, the broad smiles in response to the mispronounced “Vanakam” or “Nandri”, the Tamil tongue, the spicy but delicious food, barfi sweets, driver Arul’s introduction to contemporary Tamil music like the “Mangatha” soundtrack, the salwar suite with saree,  the humidity and monsoon rains…………I miss it all.

Kamakshi Temple.

* * * Watch a YouTube clip, driving the last section off the IT Highway, Navalur, Chennai, to the toll-booth near the HCL offices, during monsoon rains. * * *

Kapaleeswarar Temple, Chennai.

Selling flower garlands at Kapaleeswarar Temple.