Eight rhino have been killed by poachers in Kruger Park in South Africa, an unprecedented one-day total. South Africa lost 448 rhinos to poachers last year (see rhino poaching stats), of which 252 were in the Kruger National Park. South Africa is home to almost 90% of the world’s estimated 22800 rhinos. An Asian economic boom in recent years is believed to be behind the spike in poaching, with a growing middle class in countries like China and Vietnam able to afford exotic purported remedies like powdered rhino horn.

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In June 2000, I had the privilege of travelling to a trail camp within the Kruger National Park, at a location roughly 10km from the Berg-en-dal restcamp, in the middle of the bush and separated from the rest of the park by a single strand of wire.  Here, in the the company of the park’s game rangers, we set out at dusk and dawn on several walks to experience the African bush life, one of which takes in the Wolhuter Trail, the oldest in the park, established in 1978 in the area frequented by the legendary rangers, Harry and Henry Wolhuter. It is a unique experience and one which helped to forge my views on the environment, my attitude to wildlife in general and my extreme sadness at the current crises regarding the poaching of rhino in South Africa.

Read more and see how close we able to venture to see a single rhino grazing in it’s natural habitat.


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