A Cape Town based independent nursery which operates as a home-based nursery has just launched its website.

It offers the following services & products.


“Through personal expertise and experience gained over the years and skills acquired in tackling a number of projects, I provide a garden layout and landscaping service of the highest quality, thus enabling me to offer sound advice with regard to the refurbishment of existing gardens or the layout of new gardens, supplemented with plants, trees and shrubs cultivated via my home-based nursery, as shown below.”


Garden plants, shrubs, succulents & cacti

“Having acquired experience in the cultivation of new plants via seeds and cuttings in my home-based nursery, I am now able to provide an exciting range of garden plant options, available for sale from my home-based nursery.”

Potted plants

“In addition, I have an attractive range of long-lasting indoor succulents, stylishly potted, which may serve as an attractive decorative feature within your home.”

The nursery’s contact details are as follows: